Jun 16, 2014

Welcoming Summer with Crystal

Hey Y'all, 
The last company that I interviewed is one that I work with twice a week! Tiny Tulip is a monogramming company. Hunter and I both blog for Preppy Monogram Style the blog for Tiny Tulip. I write Mondays and Fridays, and Hunter writes fabulous Advice Wednesdays and Fashion Friday posts! Make sure you follow it via bloglovin.. Ok well anyways, I interviewed Crystal the owner of Tiny Tulip. She was so sweet, and I hope that you enjoy reading her answers just as much as I did! 

1. What are you looking forward to this Summer?
I am looking very forward to slowing down the pace just a bit & getting away on vacation with my husband & my 2 girls. Summer is always a time for us to spend lots of time together! We are actually going to the Caribbean this summer & it will be my youngest daughter's first plane ride!

3. What is the weather like on an average day in Summer where you live?
I live in Florida, so it is usually quite hot, in the 90s and then we often have afternoon showers roll in, which usually makes it muggy rather than cooling things down! So needless to say, we are in the pool a lot, or in the air conditioning!

4. What do you think will be “trending” in fashion this Summer?
The biggest trends right now are red, white, & blue. We are getting in a lot of American flag print items that are really in fashion right now. And of course, a monogram makes everything look better!

5. What is your go to pair of shoes for the upcoming season?
Being a Florida girl, I live in flip flops in the summer! I have a pair of Tory Burch turquoise sandals that I wear out a lot, they add a pretty splash of color to any outfit, and always make me feel tropical. And to work & around the house, I have a super comfy pair of brown Coach flip flops with a really cute little flower that I wear almost every day!

6. What are some of the items on your “want list” for this Summer?
I really want a few more pieces of Lilly Pulitzer pieces in my wardrobe. Their Linen Beach Pants in Lobstah Roll just scream summer to me, as well as their Elsa top in Chin Chin!

7. Any hints as to new products or items that your customers can look forward to?
We are getting our super popular Chevron Satchels back in stock that sold out in like 10 minutes the first time that we had them! We have been waiting months & are so excited to have them back. We bought every single bag that the manufacturer made this go round so that we would have enough! We have so many emails about this bag, so now, everyone can get one!

And we are continuing to come out with new apparel. Men's Monogrammed Seersucker Bowties & new Seersucker Monogrammed Infinity Scarfs for the Ladies. We will also be getting some Lilly Pulitzer Fabric Monogrammed Pillows will be in our shop later in the summer!

8. What is your favorite song at the moment?
One of my favorite songs right now is Luke Bryan's Play It Again.

9. What is your favorite quote?

11. Do you have any advice for someone trying to start their own company/business?
My advice is to start small. There is lots of competition out there & it is easy to get overwhelmed. Don't get in over your head financially so that you can grow as your business grows!

12. What do you like to do in your free time?
I really love to spend time with my husband & my 2 daughters. We love to play family games or watch movies together. And on the rare occasion that I get some time to myself, I LOVE to read!

13. What inspires you?
I get inspired by seeing all of the new ideas that people come up with. I love Pinterest, who doesn't?!? And it is just so much fun to browse & look at all the neat ideas that women especially come up with! And I love to browse home decor magazines & sites to stay up with all of the new patterns & decor trends!

Everyone needs to go now, and check out all of Tiny Tulip's fabulous monogrammed items! {link}
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