Jun 27, 2014

Five on Friday

Five on Friday
Happy Five on Friday to you:) I hope you have all had lovely weeks, and I am super excited for another weekend! I think of Fridays as "weekend eves" so I always look forward to the end of the week! Ok so if you are new to Classy Cathleen, then you might not be familar with what a Five on Friday post even is! So basically.. Each week I pick out five items and a blogger that I have been loving all week long, and I write a little blurb, and share them with y'all! See last week's post here.

Item #1: Scalloped bow bangle set- I think that if you are looking for cheap jewelry.. Forever 21 is one of the best places to look. I really love this particular set becasue of how much it looks like the Kate Spade bow and scalloped bangles. I love how this set is only $7.99 and how it comes in both silver and gold. {link}

Item #2: Golden open bangle- I saw this bangle on Polyvore, and I was really depressed when I realized that it was sold out on the J.Crew website! There will be a similar one linked, but I just really liked the one in the collage above! I loved the diamond on the end with the smaller diamonds around it.. Too cute! {Similar}

Item #3: Monogram Tote bag- I had never heard of the site "Three Hip Chicks" before this week.. There are all kinds of cute and preppy things sold on the site though, so it is 100% worth taking a look around! I found this fabulous monogrammed tote on the site, and I love the pink and navy together! There are other colors too, but I'm a sucker for the bubblegum and navy! {link}

Item #4: Kate Spade 2015 agenda- I know, I know.. I put this in last week's post too! Can you tell I REALLY love this agenda? I have the Kate Spade gold dots on my computer desktop and my phone.. I'm just OBSESSEd! I love this agenda.. It looks so perfect, and I need it. {link}

Item #5: Monogrammed Sandals- How fabulous are these sandals? I am a huge fan of personalization and monogramming.. And these sandals are 100% fabulous for Summer! I found them on The Pink Giraffe's website. Make sure you have entered in the giveaway for the monogrammed tortoise shell cuff (link) {link}


NC Prepsters from the blog http://ncprepsters.blogspot.com/

These girls are super sweet, I LOVE their outfits and Instagram posts.. There are three girls that all contribute posts to the blog. Definitely worth taking a look at! :)

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