Jun 7, 2014

Craving Pineapples

Hey Y'all,
Lately.. Pineapples have been everywhere! I have absolutely nothing against pineapples. They look great, taste great, and smell AMAZING. When I first saw pineapple prints for clothes and all that.. I had my doubts. But now, I am in love with any and all things pineapple!


Anything from pineapple tees to Alex and Ani bracelets to shorts to phone cases... I'm 100% obsessed. Pineapples are just over all fabulous! When I think of pineapples, I think Summer. All the way. Pineapples are so bright and yellow, just like the summertime sun... 

pineapple poms
Another thing I have been loving lately is pom pom shorts. I love how unique and fun this style of shorts is. They are just overall just really cute and summery! Especially with the pineapples on them... What do y'all think about them? Too tacky? I think that if they were styled right.. They would look really cute!

Above are some more pineapple items that I am currently obsessed with.. as you can probably tell from the dumb captions:)

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