Jun 25, 2014

Boston Belle {Some quick snaps}

If you follow me on INSTAGRAM, then you have seen the above picture:) On Monday, I received my Boston Belle bangles! I am in love. Seriously, IN LOVE. 
Here is a better view of the blue bangle from the Candy Bangle set
If you have been following my blog for awhile, then you might remember my post a couple months ago about splurging vs. saving... Well, anyways it was all about watches, and how I had just gotten the watch featured above. Well this beauty had been sitting on my dresser ever since I wrote that post. I just could not find any other bracelets with similar gold metals or anything that would just match it perfectly.. Until these FABULOUS bangles came in the mail the other day. I knew exactly what I was going to pair them with:) 
{The candy bangles are featured above}
ALL of my new beauties! The two candy bangles are gold and the peach round stone is rose gold (to match my watch) What do you think? Are they beautiful, or are they beautiful?

I couldn't resist snapping a shot of the rose gold in front of a small rose bush:)
Perfect, right? Yeah.. admit it. It's a match made in heaven!

All three bangles again:)
Even though the candy bangles aren't rose gold, they still look beautiful with my rose gold watch. 

MAKE SURE that you check out The Boston Belle bangles.. I'm in love with each and every bangle that she makes. The prices are great, they are wonderfully handcrafted, and the stones are fabulous too! {link}

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