May 3, 2014

Tunics & Shirt Dresses

Hey Y'all
Lately I have been loving tunics and shirt dresses. They are so simple, but sometimes simplicity is key when trying to dress nicely. Tunics usually have big and crazy prints, and shirt dresses look better in solid colors. Both, if styled right can look absolutely adorable with simple accessories.

green tunic
Since this tunic has such a big print.. It needs simple accessories to match.

shades of blue
Since this tunic has so many shades of blue.. The accessories need to be different shades of blue as well!

simplicity is key
I have been loving the all white look lately. This dress looks absolutely perfect with these simple accessories.

shirt dress
I love the orange and brown leather together.. It just looks perfect!

I hope that you enjoyed the above tunics and accessories! I enjoyed putting them together..


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