May 2, 2014

Spring Brights with Shoot The Moon LA

Hey Y'all,
SUPER excited to share today's post with you!! I received a package in the mail today from the fabulous boutique: Shoot the Moon L.A. I have loved this boutique for quite a while, and it was very exciting to find a package from them in my mailbox:) 

So.. I guess it's time I show y'all what I got! I also did a bit of outfit planning so.. I have 2 separate outfits that I have added to this post as well! I hope you enjoy:) 

How adorable are the details on this top? I LOVE this shirt! And the colors are so bright and springy!! 

The pants are also pretty cute.. It's kind of like that palazzo pant style. You know the really baggy pants? I just think that the comfort casual look is pretty much amazing..  

I decided to put my coral pants with a different top, and new accesories! {Part of my Outfit planning for next week} So.. Let's see what I came up with! 

For a simpler outfit I paired this necklace with a white oxford style top, and my palazzo pants. 

For a much "springier" look.. I switched necklaces! 

And then of course.. I had to plan a second outfit with my new top! So I simply paired it with jeans and flats. 

I hope you enjoyed today's post:) 

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