May 11, 2014

Oh Sew Cute {Review}

Hey Y'all,
Monograms are definitely my thing. Hands down! Especially monogrammed clothing items. I feel like they add that special touch to your outfits! I found an Instagram account that sells monogrammed shirts.. They are sold for pretty reasonable prices, and they have adorable fabrics and prints for pockets! T-shirts are around $25 and Tanks are $24.

Right now, You have to follow them on Instagram  and Email them If you want to order. But later this month, they will have a new website launching that should make ordering easier!

The pockets that they monogram, and then sew on to the shirts are very good quality. They are thick and sturdy, and not flimsy at all! That's good because when you wash these shirts, you don't want the pocket to fade or fray along the ends..

I give Oh Sew Cute a 4/5 stars


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