Apr 1, 2014

Stack it up

Hey y'all,
Recently, I have been loving the look of jewelry stacks. Putting bracelets together to make one breathtaking stack is such a fun thing to do. 

Also, I love how stacking bracelets can add character to an outfit! You can really tell what a person likes by looking at their jewelry... 

So, how exactly do you start a stack? First.. Add a statement bracelet. This should be the big SHA-BANG of the stack. All the other bracelets should "back up" this one. The next bracelet should be sparkly. You want it to stand out and shine. Bangles are also good bracelets to add to your stack...Don't forget a watch. Watches are classic pieces to add to a stack.  Just remember not to make it too crazy! You don't want to jingle a lot when you walk or wear all your bracelets at once.. 

Let's look at some breath-taking Pinterest examples:

Here are some stacks with outfits that I created on Polyvore:
sailboat blouse

Green and Tory

stripes and sperries

stripes and sperries


And of course... Here's a guide for y'all:)
Untitled #104

Of course.. These aren't definite rules, only suggestions! Your stacks should reflect you..


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