Apr 20, 2014

Pretty Papers

Hey Y'all,
A time moves on, and more and more people are emailing and texting each other.. pretty papers and stationary are almost becoming obsolete. Personally, I love writing notes on pretty little cards and paper. As much fun as it is to write the notes.. It's much more fun to receive a note! I love looking at different people's cards and stationary..

Last week, I was looking at The Design Darling boutique. I realized that Mackenzie sells lovely, LOVELY cards and papers. I took one look, and I knew that I needed a set of this stationary! Here are some of my favorites:

pretty papers

pretty papers by classycathleen featuring home decor

And you can't have all of that paper without a set of colorful Jonathan Adler pens! 

I hope you have a great day:)

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