Apr 27, 2014

Oconee Reflections

Hey Y'all,
This is the first post that I've written in a week. All my other posts were scheduled so that I could be with my family and enjoy my Spring Break. I went to Oconee State Park, and stayed in two of their CCC cabins. 

On Sunday we arrived at the park. When we went inside the cabin {cabin 5 is the best by the way} we saw that they had left Easter baskets for us!
It was super sweet of them.. Haha! Get it? Sweet.. Like candy? Never mind.. After that, we visited Puerto Nuevo, a local Mexican restaurant. It was amazing! I had a quesadilla and rice. Then we left to pick up some groceries for the week at Ingles. 

On Monday, we woke up early so that we could meet Jocassee Lake Tours at Devils Fork State Park. We went on a 4 hour boat tour. 

We got back around 2, and then we headed off to a honey store. We bought some raw milk, eggs, and of course.. Honey! And then we headed back to the cabin.. We ate some pasta and went on to bed.

On Tuesday, we slept in a bit. It was really rainy in the morning, but the clouds left around 2. We went to Duke Energy, and visited the World Of Energy. We left there, and went to Clemson University. We visited their geology museum. My favorite part were the fluorescent rocks and the huge piece of rose quartz. 

After that, we stopped by the '55 Exchange on campus, and picked up some ice cream. I got strawberry:) 
Then we visited Lake Hartwell state park. We ate some pimento cheese that I had made earlier. After we are.. We headed back to Oconee, ate some beans, and did a little fishing. 

On Wednesday, we got up around 9:30 and ate some cereal. It was cold. I got dressed in a plaid flannel button down, and leggings. 
We visited the Walhalla Fish Hatchery, and I have never seen that many trout in my life. 

Yes, each one of those black lines is a baby trout. How crazy is that? 

After that, we visited Stumphouse Tunnel. It's HUGE.

Since Stumphouse tunnel, and Issaqueena falls are right next to each other.. We went to the falls too! 

And then we headed to Oconee Station State Historic Site for some lunch. 
Y'all know how I am about my flowers.. 

And then we headed back to the cabin. We hiked 5 miles on the Hidden Falls trail at Oconee. 

And of course.. Me and my flowers..

On Thursday we woke up early and headed to the airport. On the curvy mountain roads, sometimes there are scenic places to pull over.
We went to the airport to pick up my Mom's friend. We got there around 8:00 ish.. I think.. And then we headed toward Jones Gap State Park. 

And then we went to Caesar's Head State Park. If you're looking for an amazing view of South Carolina, come to Caesar's Head! It's the very best view in the entire state... 

I mean.. How much more perfect does it get? After Caesar's Head we went to Table Rock State Park.

All those pink things are hellicopter seeds. Y'all.. It's amazing! These trees are everywhere!

Then we headed back to the cabin at Oconee. We built a fire outside, and grilled some hot dogs and chicken. And then we built another fire inside to roast marshmallows. 
Oh and the biggest highlight of the day would have to be right before dinner! I caught a spotted trout in the lake.. 

On Friday we woke up sort of early, and got the car all packed up, and ready to go. We switched over to cabin 2. Cabin 2 is the oldest CCC cabin at Oconee. It sleeps 8 people so it was very large. It has 2 rooms downstairs, a pull out couch, and 2 beds on the loft upstairs. My brother and I slept up on the loft. 
Excuse my Eeyore robe there on the side.. The pink ruffle bag is from Thirty One, my backpack is from The North Face, the duffel bag is from Vera Bradely, and the big tote is from Stilo502.
It's a very homey cabin..

After we got our stuff all moved in we went to the Oconee Heritage Center. 
This was a cart that tenant farmers would use {no replicas.. This is all the real deal} 
This is a Civil war person's outfit...
This is a carpet bag from one of the carpetbaggers that came from the North to the South for political reasons.

This is the inside of a tenant farmer's  cabin. 

After we went there.. We went to Palmetto Sweets and Co. They have the best pastries ever! Oh and I got to try my very first macaroon.. 

It was perfect.. Does anybody have a recipe for macaroons? They are so good.. I finished the night up with homemade pizza {thanks Daddy!} and a warm fire. 

On Saturday we woke up around 9:30 and enjoyed a calm, quiet, and rainy morning. We visited Isaqueena Falls and Stumphouse tunnel again. 

After that we stopped by the grocery store and then went back to the cabin.

Sunday was our last day at the park. We spent most of the day packing up and my battery died so I didn't exactly take anymore pictures.. Sorry to disappoint! 

I hope your spring break was just as great as mine:) 



  1. I was SO excited to read this post because I am blessed to call Oconee County home. I've lived here my whole life and have so many memories at places like Stumphouse and Isaqueena Falls! I've been almost everywhere you've mentioned and love visiting places like that with my family. I'm happy you enjoyed your trip :)

    Stay Fabulous

  2. Wow! Really? I would LOVE to live in Oconee County! There are so many things to see and do up there... So neat! Make sure you grab a macaroon for me if you head over to Palmetto Sweets;)


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