Apr 8, 2014

Necklines and Necklaces

necklines and necklaces

Hey y'all,
A pretty major mistake that many women  make is with their necklines and necklaces. Certain necklines only look good with certain necklaces... When people mess up, It kind of bothers me... There are quite a few little things that bother me.

As you can see with the first, fourth, and fifth example, if the top has a higher neckline, then the necklace needs to be long and go down past the neckline!

With the eighth example, the necklace is longer as well. Since it is a collared shirt, a long necklace looks very nice with it!

With the seventh example, a smaller and shorter necklace is about the only type of necklace that looks good with a ruffle top like this one.

With the third example, the tortoise shell necklace is just long enough to reach past the neckline of the tanktop. A choker would not look nice with this tanktop. Well actually, I don't really like chokers.. I used to wear them when I was little, but not any more.

I hope that these examples were helpful..

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