Apr 25, 2014

Five on Friday

Hey Y'all,

five on friday

We've made it through yet another week... Congratulations y'all! For today's Five on Friday post, I have a few fun and Springy items. I hope you enjoy this post, and make sure to do me a favor and pin the above image!

Item #1: Lace J.Crew hat- I have never seen a hat like this. EVER. I must say, I'm in love with another item from J.Crew. This hat is perfect... {link}

Item #2: Tory Burch gingham wallet- Y'all know how I feel about gingham patterns for Spring.. I love gingham! The blue gingham is very nice to see on a wallet. It sets a statement, and I really enjoy statement accessories. {link}

Item #3: Design Darling monogram stationary- Gold is an amazing color. It's bright, It's shiny... All around perfect! It looks great with a monogram and on a stationary card.. Mackenzie Horan from Design Darling, always picks the most perfect items {link}

Item #4: Hunter boots- Bright pink rainboots.. There is just something perfect about these boots! I love the pop of color style, and these boots are perfect for this style. The lipstick color of these boots is very "springy". {link}

Item #5: Tory Burch tassel wedges- If I had to pick a favorite from this week's Five on Friday, it would be these wedges. Tassels are adorable. That's all there is to it! If anybody can do tassels, it's Tory Burch! {link}

I hope that you enjoyed this week's picks! If you really liked the Tory Burch gingham wallet.. Then you should check out the Polyvore contest that I have going on now! If you are not already a member to my Polyvore group, then comment your Polyvore username, and I will invite you so that you can enter! The contest is all about Spring gingham:) {link}


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