Apr 3, 2014

{Blogging Tips Series} What Kristin likes..

Hey Y'all,
As you know, I'm working on a blogging tips series currently. I really like this series because I get to communicate with all kinds of bloggers! If you would be interested in participating in this series, please email me! classycathleen@gmail.com

Today, I have Kristin, from http://thedixiedaisy.blogspot.com/ over here sharing Five important things that her favorite bloggers do while they're blogging. I think that this is an important area that bloggers need to focus on because we often don't know why people like our blogs. We don't know exactly what's working and what techniques we need to continue to use. I hope that you enjoy this post, and that you get as much out of it as I did!

Five Things About My Favorite Blogs

When Cathleen asked me to be a part of her blogging tips series, I was so excited!  I’ve only been blogging for about three months, so I do not consider myself an expert by any means! Not only do I enjoy writing my own posts, but I also love reading other blogs.  That being said, I thought I would share some of the things I like about my favorite blogs, which I try to incorporate into my blog as well.

  1. Respond to comments! I know this can be time consuming if you have a ton of comments on top of an overflowing inbox, a demanding job, a stressful school schedule, etc., but it shows that you take the time to read your readers’ comments.  After all, your readers took the time to read your post and write a comment to you!
  2. Use pictures! Having pictures in your posts adds a lot of visual appeal.  Original pictures are even better! I love seeing pictures of what bloggers are actually doing or what they really wore that day.  Using other pictures is definitely ok too, just be sure to give credit to the original!
  3. Make your post shop-able! Outfit posts are my favorite! I love seeing what people are wearing and drawing inspiration from their outfits.  If I see something I really like, it’s nice to be able to click a link that takes me directly to the site where I can make the purchase!
  4.  Be real.  I’ve seen plenty of posts that I find completely relatable, such as surviving long distance relationships or dealing with stress.  Sometimes it helps to get those thoughts down on paper (or blog post!), and you never know, there could be someone going through the exact same thing who gains insight by reading your post or even gives you advice.
  5. Have fun! Blogging should not something to stress over.  When I first started my blog, I got a little discouraged when I didn’t have something to post about every day or have hundreds of followers right away.  Then I realized that was ok! If you blog for fun, your readers will have fun reading 
Thanks again, Cathleen! I hope these tips are helpful!

I think that Kristin really shared some key things that make reading blogs oh so special! If you can focus on some of these things while you're posting, I think your blog will be well on its way to amazing!


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