Apr 10, 2014

10 things to bring on a hike

Hey Y'all,
I'm pretty positive that I have mentioned hiking before.. Anyways, I go hiking quite a lot... In fact, I have been hiking at all 47 of South Carolina's state parks. 

Anyways.. I thought I would put together a little list of 10 things that are essentials before you head out on any trail! 

I hope that this helps you, if you ever plan on hiking, or if you hike as often as I do.. 

1. A large water bottle- You don't want to get dehydrated on a trail! I suggest bringing a camelbak or another water bottle with you on a hike

2. A backpack- The perfect thing to carry your other 9 essentials in! 

3. First aid kit- You never know what's going to happen out there! You need to be prepared.. 

4. Bug spray- You never know when you will walk past a puddle or pond or just still water... And you know what lives in still water? Mosquitos! It's where they lay their eggs! I H.A.T.E. Mosquitos... 

5. Clif Bars- You need a good snack with you when you are hiking. Clif bars are the perfect choice! 

6. A wal-mart bag- Or food lion, or bi-lo, or publix, or ingles.. Wherever you buy your groceries! Say you find trash along the trail.. Don't leave it there! Help the earth, and pick it up... Put it in the bag and dispose of it when you have finished hiking. 

7. A camera- Don't pass by that lovely flower without taking its picture! Keep that moment forever.. 

8. A light jacket- You never know if it will start raining.. Or if the winds will pick up as soon as you get on the trail! It's good to be prepared

9. Another person- Don't hike by yourself. Ever. You could get hurt, lost.. Or anything! 

10. A hat- Hats protect your face from the sun, and keep ticks off of your head. Ticks are gross. I strongly suggest that if you don't want ticks, wear a hat. 

{bonus} 11. A phone- You never know if you're gonna get lost or if your car breaks down... Or you could even get hurt and need some help! You should have a phone with you on the trail.

I hope that this list was helpful to you. I challenge each and every one of y'all to go on at least one hike in your state before the end of April. If you accept and complete my challenge make sure you email me where, when, and how long you hiked:)


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