Mar 26, 2014

Where is Spring?

Here in South Carolina... The weather is weird. It warms up for the weekend, but during the week.. It get's back down into the 32-34 degree weather! That's not how Spring should be... 

The flowers are blooming on the trees, even though the weather is a bit chillier... Thank God! I love seeing beautiful Spring flowers! Flowers inspire me.. If you follow me on Pinterest, then you know about my new "things that inspire me" board:) Let me tell you.. Flowers are ALL OVER that board. 

Here are some flowers that I have found recently.. They inspire me, and I hope that they inspire you {somewhat} too! 
I love the pink and white petals of this flower.. I have no idea what kind it is, but isn't it just so pretty?

I know this isn't yet a flower.. But flower buds are very exciting! They keep you waiting and waiting and BAM! All of a sudden you have an exquisite flower...

Oh my gracious, how beautiful. This pink little flower is so perfect... 

Dandelions may not seem like much.. And many people call them weeds, but I don't! They make me happy. They are bright and yellow and oh so lovely!

 The Oconnee Belle. Need I say more? Breathtaking. So pretty...

And one of my all-time favorites... The daffodil. I love the shape of this flower! It's very unique. Also, like the dandelion.. The color makes me so happy:)

That's about it for today.. The one thing that I want y'all to start this week is a new Pinterest board. Create a board filled with things that inspire you! Paste the link to it in a comment below:) I am looking forward to seeing what inspires you! 

If you don't want to create a Pinterest board, at least comment and tell me what inspires you! I would love to know:) 


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