Mar 28, 2014

{Blogging Tips Series} Spreading virtual sunshine with Emily

Hey Y'all,
Today I am so happy to have a fellow blogger, Emily from writing:) She has an adorable blog, and I am so lucky to have her be a part of my Blogging Tips series happening over here! Emily is going to share about sharing what she calls "virtual sunshine" through a blog. I hope that you enjoy this adorable post as much as I enjoyed it:)

"Hello sunshine! My name is Emily, and I write the blog Pinch of Em. I must admit, I was hesitant to starting POE. I'm a unique assortment of things: a goof, a bit cray-ray-zay, a hot mess yet some how Type A, etc.. My inspiration board above my darling desk was not enough of a creative canvas for me. I needed overlapping images. I needed fancy fonts. I needed photoshop. Although, there was one slight problem: I wasn't sure how to jumble it all (as in my affinity for words, adoration of art, and so on) up to sprinkle onto a crevus of the world wide web. My imaginitive itch was taking over, though, so one rainy afternoon I surrendered. In 5 short months, I've discovered a major tip my fellow bloggies might fancy. Curious to find out what this madness is I'm speaking of? Then read on.

Eye candy is key. Mix up the day-to-day write up with a clip of art and/or a collage of what makes your heart swell. Many of my sweet readers reach out to me. 9/10 times, they are complimenting the virtual sunshine on POE. Besides, color is the least expensive thing to add to a webpage, outfit, and room. So what do you say? Let's douse the blogsphere in vibrant hues." 

The artwork is from these links: 

The candles:

The waterbottles:

The bracelet:

Keep today cheeky, 

Emily Benko 

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