May 10, 2017

PROM 2017

Okay blog... It has certainly been a hot minute since the last post. Oops... 2017 has already been so awesome for me photography wise, and the yearbook - basically my biggest project of the year - is done and printed and beautiful, oh and most recently I helped to plan my school's Great Gatsby themed prom, took an amazing prom group portrait session, and then I went to prom! 

Since my blog serves as a virtual scrapbook for me, a way for me to preserve memories, such as my junior prom. With being a part of prom committee, I knew I would have to be at the venue itself from 8-12 the morning of. Also, prom was last Saturday, May 6th. The day after my AP US History Exam. And then, I knew I was going to have that photoshoot an hour before prom. In other words, I new I was going to be busy and because I basically already had my day planned out, I didn't really have time to even think about a date, or quite honestly, my lack thereof. 

As far as pictures go, I love my local animal rescue, SQ Rescue where I adopted 3 out of 5 of my dogs from. My mom jokingly suggested that the best prom date would be my dog, Snoop. I didn't take her seriously at first, but then I imagined the Facebook post that SQ could do with these pictures, and use them to promote their adoptable dogs.  So we did it! Special thanks to my dad for helping me out with the pictures! Special thanks to my good pal, Destany for helping me out with hair and makeup! I wanted something super simple and gold to match my dress, but not be too overwhelming... Oh and did you notice Snoop's bowtie?

You can tell my sister loves me, right?

Oh and here's the rest of my sweet siblings... Shortly after this I scooted right on out in pursuit of some Chick-fil-a and off to the greatest photo session of my life in downtown Columbia. 

Prom itself wasn't really my scene... I'm not a big dancer, and I guess big parties just aren't for me. However, planning prom and ordering decorations and actually decorating the venue was an absolute blast! And honestly, it was a great excuse to buy a pretty dress and some beautiful peonies for myself (shoutout to BiLo for always coming in clutch with the flowers). 

And one last picture... How sweet are these folks? They wanted to make sure they got a picture with me before I scooted on off to Prom! Make sure you check out my Photography Blog to see all the ADORABLE photos from their session... I've seriously never been prouder of a portrait session!

That's all for me you guys... Can't say when I'll be back for another post, but stick around till then! 

Mar 27, 2017

Cycler's Rest - A Weekend Away

Happy Weekend my lovely readers...

Lately my mom has been obsessed with Air BnB. She's been saving cute "instagramable" "aesthetically pleasing" rooms all over the place for us to stay at. We've visited Table Rock a lot in the past, and always passed through Traveler's Rest and talked about exploring the town. It only seemed fitting that our first Air BnB booking was in Traveler's Rest.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the tour of this cute little place on my instagram story. I'm pretty sure I haven't stayed in a place this cute in a really long time... Y'all, there were fresh tulips and succulents in the windows. The furniture, the artwork, the everything was just too adorable starting from the personalized chalkboard that welcomed us to Cycler's Rest (okay so the snacks and orange juice our hostess left were super sweet too).

During our stay we actually never got around to spending time in Traveler's Rest... we went thrift store shopping in Anderson, and enjoyed some bluegrass music at Table Rock State Park. It even snowed during our stay... which fellow South Carolinians will understand what an oddity that was.

Sometimes a brief weekend away from your typical routine is all you need. Cycler's Rest left me relaxed and inspired. If you ever want to visit Traveler's Rest, South Carolina... tour Furman University, downtown Greenville, or even just for a quiet getaway... Definitely consider this beautiful apartment! Check the listing for more information



Mar 26, 2017

A JORD Wood Watch for Dad


I know, I know, Father's Day isn't for a couple months, but hey, there's never a wrong time to show your dad some appreciation! Throughout all of the craziness in my life lately, my parents have been absolutely wonderful, and have truly kept me sane. I'm not lying when I say that they're my best friends...

It's always nice to show your appreciation, and sometimes getting an actual present for my dad can be difficult. He's fairly relaxed, but a casual gift of chocolate didn't even scratch the surface of how appreciative I am for him. Then I discovered, JORD, and I couldn't believe what a great gift a wooden watch wood be! (I spelled 'would' wrong on purpose because I think I'm funny)...

This watch is just my dad's style! It's super casual, and fits perfectly with his business casual office environment. The red face adds some color without being too overwhelming, and it's such good quality too... My dad has some woodworking experience and he comments on the impeccable craftsmanship and intricate design of his watch. The wooden watch design is actually kind of modern and classic at the same time.  From a quick glance on JORD's website anyone can tell the attention to detail that the artists and designers put into each of their wooden watch creations. I'm thoroughly impressed, and it has my dad's seal of approval!

Here's some of my favorite watches for women:
-Dark sandalwood and Smoke (Frankie Series)
-Ebony and Gold(Frankie Series)
-Zebrawood and Maple (fieldcrest series)

Feb 28, 2017

Hopelands Gardens // Jordan & Courtney

Another long gap between blog posts... Looks like even after three years, I still can't get this whole "blogging" thing down! Oh well. My priorities have been elsewhere. My chemistry grade has been a little shaky... as is my algebra grade... but on a more positive note, I launched a super awesome Senior Rep program for Cathleen Slagle Photography and have been gaining a lot of attention to my new photography company.

This past Monday, since we had the day off from school, Jordan, Courtney, and I traveled up to Aiken, South Carolina and visited Hopelands Gardens. Hopelands Gardens is basically a Charleston in the middle of the sandhills of South Carolina. It's gorgeous, especially when it's in bloom! Also, you're not crazy, you've definitely seen Jordan and Courtney a few times before.. they're kind of the original Cathleen Slagle Photography reps.

This is one of my most favorite sessions I think I've ever done... I loved their outfits, the flowers, the park. All the pieces just fell into place for this session, and I've never been more proud!