Jul 29, 2016


Well y'all, it's been months since the last Friyay links. Things have been a little crazy. In most recent news, I finished up an SAT/ACT camp yesterday, I own 5 dogs, and I'm taking a refresher self defense course this weekend. Fun stuff, right? This Summer has been a bit different in comparison to others... I've absolutely been dying to share another Friyay post because (older readers will know this) I love shouting out other bloggers and online creatives! So here's what you may have missed from the internet this week, and get your internet browser ready for quite a few tabs that you're about to open up...

Southern Socialite + Seatbelts

My instagram pals know about Christmas in July, #CarlyCathCmas, that I've been co-hosting with the incredible Carly (Cinci Prep). In short, we partnered with some great companies to show our appreciation for our followers' support in a series of giveaways throughout the entire month of July. Charlie Southern was just one of the many companies we were privileged enough to collaborate with. My "Southern Socialite" tee is incredibly comfortable and I've worn it some ridiculous number of times after receiving it in the mail. To celebrate another Friday and another Weekend, I thought I might share this uber casual look with y'all! It's been FOREVER and 5 years since I've shared an outfit post here on Classy Cathleen... Shout out to the little sis for her camera skills... she may have learned a little something from her older sister...

Jul 26, 2016

Parabo Press

A few weeks ago I was perusing Instagram, and I stumbled across Parabo Press. Upon seeing their simple logo, a perfectly balanced feed between bright colors and simple white, and unique company name... I decided to follow and further look into who they are/what they're about/what they do. Needless to say, I was ridiculously impressed with what I saw!

Parabo Press is an app (now, website) that aspiring photographers, photographers, and creative minds alike can all order beautiful, high quality prints of their photographs! Can I just say, as a photographer, it's great to see your photographs somewhere other than your instagram feed, camera roll, etc. It's such a great feeling to see your photographs published on someone else's feed, blog, or heck, if you're lucky enough to have one in an online magazine! Anyways, it's great to see them published somewhere else online, however it's even greater to see your pictures on a piece of paper and be able to hold them in your hand. When I received my 25 Parabo Square prints, I was filled with so much pride and joy at seeing my work on paper and being able to hold it, hang it, and post it up on the wall.

Not only does seeing my photos printed make me happy, but cute packaging sure does the trick too! My prints came in the cutest cardboard mailer - with the Parabo logo on it - and in a zippered bag to keep them safe as they made the trip from the print shop in Mumbai!

Basically you have two options when ordering from Parabo Press.

1) Upload photos from your computer + order
2) Upload photos from your iPhone or Android mobile phone to the Parabo app

I chose the latter when placing my order for 25 square prints, because at the time of my order, the website ordering was not an option. Lucky you, you have a choice in the matter! You can't go wrong with either option!

However, Parabo Press does not only sell square prints! They have a plethora of products available to order. From glass prints to large Engineer prints, from a photo calendar to a risograph print (quite possibly the coolest thing I've ever seen) Parabo has some super cool products that you can order with your own photographs!

I'm planning on ordering something else from Parabo Press in the future, but for my first order I wanted to test out their service as well as get something small that I could use when decorating my room. I arranged these prints on my wall and hung them up with gold/white thumbtacks (if you don't want to stick holes in your wall, or if you're in the dorms... You can check out Parabo's display options for other ways to hang your prints up! Skeleton clips, magnetic photo rope, wooden poster rails and washi tape.) These square prints are also perfect for you college kids heading back to the dorms next month!

So what do you think? Obsessed with Parabo? Want your own 25 square prints?

Good, because I have just the thing for you!

Your code so that you can get 25 FREE Square prints - KMOOQE

Jul 19, 2016

Recipe: Whole Wheat Pretzels


Pretzels are kind of my favorite snack... During exam season I eat about 3 bags of classic Snyders #noshame. The mall has an Auntie Em's and those classic soft pretzels are what I live for. I had been wanting for the longest time to bake some soft pretzels of my own... So, because it's Summertime, I did! Here's the recipe so you can make your own :)