Dec 2, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

This Thanksgiving, the family and I traveled to Myrtle Beach State Park and adventured in and around that area. Brookgreen Gardens where Jonathan got bit by a horse (hence the large and slightly goofy smile), Huntington Beach was as lovely as ever, as were the Black Friday deals that I actually shopped this year! Typically we steer clear of crazy outlets and crowded stores, but Myrtle Beach State Park had some pretty good deals this year! Isaac participated in an 8k Turkey Trot with Ainsley's Angels Thanksgiving morning and I shared a yummy lasagna while watching Peanuts and Elf with my family. 

Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and Merry December! Christmas here we come! 


Nov 19, 2016


My Christmas tree has been up since Halloween (remember, Slagle family traditions - 2015 + 2014) and every night my family and I have watched a Christmas movie. Our trees our up and ornaments and garlands and lights can be found everywhere you look. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I just can't get enough of it - which is why our trees and decorations stay up until Groundhog's day! As you can tell, I'm a festive kinda gal. I'm lucky enough to live outside of Columbia which hosts the University of South Carolina which is where an incredible blogger and even more incredible girl goes to school. Abigail of Living the Gray Life is just as festive as I am and I couldn't be more excited to cohost a Blogger Secret Santa exchange with her! 

So if you remember back to last year, another blogger and I hosted a pretty successful secret santa exchange. Bonus points if you participated! It was fun, and I was super eager to bring it back for this 2016 season. However, if it weren't for Abigail, nothing would have gotten done this year! 

We want YOU to participate! We've had a great number of incredible bloggers always sign up, but I can honestly say in the true spirit of Christmas that the more the merrier! Abigail and I are dying to see some more of our blogging buds sign up too! 

The form to sign up --->

Once you fill out the form, you'll receive an email (most likely from Abigail) with links to an informational packet as well as a spreadsheet with everyone's' wishlists.

You definitely don't want to miss this! 

Nov 12, 2016

Cathleen Tours College // Coastal Carolina University

My list of colleges to tour has grown significantly since my first college tour at Furman University. I've been receiving all those fun letters and pamphlets from various schools and they're all gathered in one (fairly large) pile on my desk. As much as I love opening up my mailbox and seeing things with my name on them, it's really difficult to narrow it down to even just a few. One school that was not on my original list was Coastal Carolina. I wasn't really interested in living 9 miles west of Myrtle Beach nor was I particularly interested in the baseball National Championship win in Omaha this past Summer. I had seen the road signs for the university as well as receiving countless emails, brochures, pamphlets, letters etc. Anyways, I decided to visit it for myself just for the heck of it.

My mom and I were the first to arrive which honestly shocked us. We're either an hour early or an hour late so it was kind of nice to get there early. We got checked in and shocked the admissions office students at how eager we were to get going. One of them asked if we had had our Starbucks fix yet, and then followed him and the sweet smell of coffee across the street.

The opening session about the tour was well done, and afterwards the 8 or so students and their parents listened for the assigned tour guides to call names. My group was made up of my junior self, a sophomore girl from Ohio, and a senior guy. The other 5 went with another tour guide. My tour guide was cool... he told us about his summer internship at SeaWorld.

My tour at Coastal only confirmed my theory that morning campus tours are absolutely the greatest down South. It's less humid, less hot, and ends right at lunchtime! The tour was nice... I especially loved the arts and humanities building! It had this beautiful courtyard where students could sing, write, practice skits, and read. It was so cool. However, despite how much I loved the courtyard, I couldn't picture myself as a student at Coastal Carolina.

Lunch was nice, we ate at the campus Chick-fil-a and visited the campus book store afterwards and picked up a t-shirt and a picture book. We went back to the admissions office for a question session where they gave us a water bottle with a survey.

Even though I wasn't the biggest fan of Coastal Carolina (not sure if it's for me) the tour was well given and I was pretty impressed! I had the greatest time snapping pictures around campus. My favorite parts were the ones that weren't actually on the tour! THERE WERE SO MANY TURTLES! I LOVE TURTLES! And the entire art department was amazing... The murals behind the building, the student gallery... I loved it! Lucky for y'all... I took pictures.

Since touring Coastal Carolina University in October, I've toured two other campuses that will be up on the blog soon... ALSO, I'm pretty excited because I think I've finally found the one!

Oct 29, 2016

Update: Cathleen Slagle Photography

Okay, team! MAJOR UPDATE! I've officially completed + launched my photography portfolio and portrait photography business. (If you've wondered why I've been totally inactive lately... this is part of the reason) Jordan and Courtney made for the perfect portrait models and looked fabulous in blanket scarves from The Navy Knot! We went to one of my favorite small towns Prosperity, South Carolina and walked up and down the sidewalks and ducked into a couple alleys where there were PINK WALLS. Another one of my recent shoots was with Hannah and her boyfriend, Adam at the Horseshoe at the University of South Carolina. Their session was great experience for me, and I'm super happy with how the photographs came out! Oh and then there's that one picture of my little sister mixed in there too... 

If you're in the South Carolina/North Carolina/Georgia area.... please consider Cathleen Slagle Photography for any portraits you may need. Check out my website for rates - all my packages are super affordable and overall a great deal... of course I'm a little biased... but see for yourself! 

Happy Weekend y'all!